About Us



AZDFL was was established by two long time friends, Jeremiah Trotter and Benjamin Tanner.  After the second season another long time friend,Nigel Burley, joined the the duo. Their close brotherhood has been the foundation of the league. With a strong family foundation the AZDFL has prevailed. Every owner, every player is like family.  One family. One Vision.



AZDFL is a grass roots organization supported by volunteerism from family and friends as well our local community. We are the only minority owned non-profit league in Arizona. Our goal is to provide a path for next level play  while maintaining a family environment on game day.



The AZDFL has a long history of preparing and promoting players to next level of collegiate and professional play (DII, JUCO and Arena). Our management and team owners have an extensive network of colleagues and friends within the world of academia and profesional football leagues. Leveraging these  professional and personal friendships that span decades has allowed us to establish pathways on to collegiate and professional teams.  As a result, providing more opportunities for our players to progress on to next level of play.